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Testimonial Of The Month

Here are a bunch of before and after pictures of my rv with the application of the Rv Roof Magic. First day cleaned the roof thoroughly. The roof Protect cleaner you have worked out phenomenally! 2nd day applied the flash coat temps were about 75 degrees and let that dry for 24 hours. I choose not to remove my vent and ac covers in hindsight I should have to get the full coverage of the entire RV. I had some left over about ½ gallon so I applied a 2nd coat on the area near the AC. I choose not to do my slide outs they really did not need it. I really like the way it turned out and how the product self-levels that was really impressive. Easy to work with and pretty did just like your site said it would. I did have a small area that bubbled but after reading your tech page I am guessing it was either moisture on the surface or the humidity was a factor. Regardless after 4 days it settled down nicely. Looks like I won’t be calling you anytime soon had our first rain a few days ago and I guess I covered it properly because no leaks.


D Sedowski
White Plains NY