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Customer Testimonials

Here you will find a variety of testimonials from our customers some simply telling how much they like the product and others who go into detail on the application process.

BY Motorhome Advice

Phil Rodriguez

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work on your coach roof to perform periodic maintenance or to have it repaired, you are in for a real treat. Well, not really!

MotorHome roofs are probably the most neglected component of the entire coach. If for instance your refrigerator quits working, you immediately notice the lack of cooling, and have it repaired quickly because you don’t want to be without the ability to cool food (or beer). Certainly, if your furnace or stove goes on the fritz that will be another hastily repaired item as would be any other component of your coach that you need and use that is ‘in your face’ every day.


Testimonial – Gerald Freeport ME

I have attached a few pictures of my RV roof project. I used your rvroof magic product to repair a roof on a 2019 Keystone Fuzion 429 that was damaged in a wind storm from fallen tree limbs. There were 3 tears in the membrane. Per your recommendation I used your butyl tape. I then went over the taped areas with the RvRoofMagic. It turned out great and saved me a lot of money. I got quotes for $450 To $600 to fix it. Your staff walked me through the details and have to say overall extremely happy with the customer service. Attached are the pictures.

Testimonial – Kay-bee RV Service

Ok Guys we finished and are just thrilled.  We have been in the rv repair business for enough years to know a keeper.  We have tried many difference products over the years and your Rv Roof Magic just is in a different class.  First we love the fact that its solvent based and not water based.  The ease of application and the fact that it does not require a primer.  Many of our customers come to us and tell us that they have no idea what they put on their roof.  This really is a godsent because we are saving the customer the cost of a prier and an additional pass of labor so yes we might not make as much but we are closing more business because of those cost savings to the customer.

We did use your roof protect and it was quite surprised how much additional dirt it removed after we thought we cleaned the roof enough.  So we will be stocking that also for our future jobs.  As you can see the results were fantastic. 

Testimonial – Gerald B Baltimore MD

Hello all wanted to share with you what we were dealing with.  As you can see we had some really bad leaks inside.  We tried two other products before the Liquid Butyl Rubber and the roof still leaked.  We just could not find the leak.  After discussions with your company we were convinced this would fix the leaks.  Here are some pictures after the application we took about a month ago.  So since then we had about 3 serious rain storms come through and our roof underneath is dry.  No leaks we wanted to wait awhile to see before we repair the inside just in case the roof still leaked.  Very happy with the project and we did some research and we kept coming back to your special chemistry on how your product dries vs the other types of coatings.  Our neighbor had already called you and ordered we have him your phone number

Thank you


Hello so I had to share with you these pictures of our popup.  We thought it was a gonner but a little hard word we brought her back to life.  Your RV roof magic was fantastic.  One of the reasons we went with you guys is that you did not require a primer and it basically went over any roof type except silicone.  I did not feel confident with the other coatings.  Plus you guys have great reviews not just about the product but your customer service as well.  So two gallons later and about 150.00 and we have a new roof. 

Testimonial – Jays Camper Repair

Sending pics of the beautiful coating I did for a customer of mine. This was the second time I’ve used your product for someone. I’m extremely pleased with the application, cure time & appearance. Customer is also pleased with the durability. Waiting for our next customer before we order more!

Jays Camper Repair

Testimonial – Kevin V

I just want you to see the pictures I took, before cleaning and applying RV Roof Magic and after. I am very pleased with your product and satisfied with how it has turned out! The cleaner was remarkable could not believe how much dirt it picked up.

Kevin V
Diamond, OH

Testimonial – Gary W

Great product all around. Easy application and I think the results speak for themselves. Looks like a brand-new roof. My brother and I worked on it for about 5 hours cleaned it the night before with your roof protect which did an amazing job lifting years of grime off our roof. Now our neighbor will be your next customer they were shocked with the application.

Gary W.
Hawthorne, CA

Testimonial – DJ Rv Repair

Hello guys So here are the pictures. Just have to say, love the product used different products over the years for the units we repair, but we are very happy with the results. Pros love the way it self-levels and the fact that it’s a solvent-based product, so we won’t have to worry about it peeling. Very easy to work with and vs other products, you are not on the clock. I believe we put the lid on the can and finished the project about 48 hours later and just re-mixed the can and had no issues. We also used your butyl caulk around the vents and AC. The only con is that you can’t color it. Sometimes we get customers who want to tint their roof. We will be ordering more, that is for sure. Next time we will send in a video for your youtube site!

Thank you
Travel as much as possible!!!

Testimonial – Mike T Boulder Colorado

Here are some pictures of my 2006 Montana 5th wheel that I applied RV Roof Magic to over this past weekend. Roof had been thoroughly cleaned and dried. I trimmed in all the vents, A-C unit and around the outer sides and end caps one day and then applied the coating to the rest of the roof on the next day.

Great product. Went on really good. Made the 14-year-old roof look like factory new! You guys saved me hundreds if not a couple thousand dollars.

Mike T
Boulder Colorado