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Customer Testimonials

Here you will find a variety of testimonials from our customers some simply telling how much they like the product and others who go into detail on the application process.

Testimonial – Extremely well

I received the gallon of our product today, thank you. I just wanted to let you guys know, if you don’t already, your product works EXTREMELY well for sound deadening on plastic. We have tried different products but found our solution. I’m not sure exactly what kind of plastic it is (pictures attached). They are the covers for my bike. I applied one really thin coat, let it cure over night, then applied a coat approximately 5 – 7 mm, and then just let it sit for two days.

It got rid of all the rattling (vibration noise) in those covers.
Its awesome! Thanks again.

Testimonial – 30 ft RV

This customer called us with a 30 ft RV original black EPDM roof which has begun to significantly chalk. Customer cleaned the roof with Dawn dish detergent and added two cups of bleach for each gallon of water. Roof was left to dry. The customer had chalked off their roof into 10X5 sections ( the coverage of a gallon of RVRoofMagic). Parts of the roof were coated with a 3rd party coating, but with RV Roof Magic no primer was needed. RV Roof Magic can go over the following roof types without any primer; saving our customer time and money.

  1. Metal Roofs
  2. Butyl Rubber
  3. EPDM rubber roofing system
  4. Fiberglass
  5. PVC
  6. Alpha brand rubber roofs
  7. Weathered Vinyl
  8. Polyurethane Foam
  9. Wood applications; however, it requires 30 sq ft per gallon
  10. Any roof where a 3rd party coating such as an elastomeric or acrylic was previous applied
  11. Motorhomes or RV’s made by Fleetwood

Customer required just one ( 5-gallon pail) to cover 240 sq. ft. Other products require more but due to the volume solids Rv Roof Magic goes further during the application process. Rv Roof Magic comes with a 5-year warranty and if you choose, you can upgrade to a 10 year warranty

Testimonial – 1979 camper

I have attached a few photos of my 1979 camper trailer roof I sealed with your RVroofmagic product just a few months ago. I have a couple “before,” along with a “during,” and one “after.” That roof had been caulked over the years by the previous owner, and there were small leaks. This product is amazing. I used it for a horse trailer a few years ago, and I was excited to apply it to this camp trailer. I am a believer! The roof is sealed, and I have peace of mind, and the trailer is worth more now because of it! This product went on easily and I especially like how it is self-leveling – it is smooth and nice now. Great tech support to boot!

Testimonial – Stewart

Stewart sent in a bunch of pics on his RV project using the RV roof Magic. Stewart chose to first remove his vent and ac covers and re-caulk using our Butyl MS caulk, which was field tested to be compatible with RV Roof Magic. He then did all his cut in work around the perimeter of the RV as well. The next day he completed the project by covering the main areas of the roof. A total of 5 gallons was used for his 230 ft roof. As we state on our site, we suggest chalking off your roof into quadrants 6X8, When you are done filling in one of those sections, you should be done with a gallon of the material. That way you are applying it at the proper mil rate. Always be sure the surface is perfectly dry before application.

Testimonial – Robert

Another group of testimonial pictures sent in by Robert. Robert has a 32 ft which required 6 gallons. He also experienced many areas of the roof where the current caulk had failed, so he purchased 6 tubes of our Butyl MS caulk as well. The Butyl MS caulk always goes down first before the application of the liquid RV roof. The result is customers saving labor costs and material costs since many of the other systems on the market require multiple coats and provide no warranty. Stop recoating your RV after just three years with elastomerics and acrylics and get the product with the industry’s leading warranty. Over a 26-year history of proven success in the marketplace. Regarding dry times, it normally takes about two days above 50 degrees for the material to develop a skin and then 7 days for a full cure. Should the temp drop below 50, you would need to add that time to the overall cure. So, for example, if it drops below 50 degrees over the next 15 hours add 15 hours, to the overall timeframe. The higher your daytime temperature gets the quicker the material will dry. If you get an unexpected shower, no need to worry. Also, in the event of that unexpected shower, the product is already waterproofed. In fact, that ponding rainwater will even start curing underwater! Easily applied with a squeegee and a roller, a 24 ft unit should take you approx. two hours to apply. During your initial cleaning of your RV, you may wish to consider adding 2 cups of bleach to kill any surface mold/mildew along with a standard detergent such as Dawn dish-washing detergent or Simple Green. You will want to be sure that any oils or fats are removed as they will cause the existing EPDM roof to swell. That swelling most of the time will go down but in some cases it will not and that is not covered under warranty.

Testimonial – John (Carmel, IN)

“Below are before and after photos on my recent installation of RvRoofMagic. I am very pleased with the results. It was about three hours of work, not including prep, but the results speak for themselves.”

Testimonial – RB Service & Sales

So this is our 4th roof so as I said, we wanted to try this before giving any comments. I am working on more pics hopefully next week to send. We started out by giving the unit a wash with your Roof Protect, which really made the roof cleaner than we ever saw it. Great product. We had a light rain come through the next day, so we decided to give it another day to fully dry out. Next, we applied the Rubex caulk we purchased off your site. We did get a little bit more than 15 linear feet but some of the beads were very thin which might explain it. We took a line chalk and basically snapped a 50 sq. ft area 10X5 that was a good gauge for applying it at 50 sq. ft per gallon. The application took about 90 minutes with both of us working on it. Our shop has tried many products over the years and after these projects, we are very pleased with the overall results of the product.

No need to mix anything so we can take our time
Whatever we don’t use, we can shelf the can for up to 6 months (like this so we can use it on future customers)
Love the self-leveling aspect really looks like someone put a 235 sq. ft piece of rubber on his roof when we were done
Little pricey, but I guess since it only requires one coat it’s not too bad.
Does not come in a 2.5 gallon container

Testimonial – Rhonda M

A few pictures of a couple women after completing the rv roof with Epdm roof coating. We started at 8:30 in the morning with the roof protect cleaner and next day same time and finished at 3:30. Turned out really well. Sorry I don’t have any before pictures, but we are extremely happy the way it turned out. 28 ft. Keystone Cougar with one slide out. We did the top of the slide also.

Rhonda M
Naples Fl.

Testimonial – SureBuilt Homes & Restoration

Hello, I just wanted to let you know your roof magic product is great stuff ! These are pictures when it was applied on my camper roof this past spring. But I also wanted to follow up with your company and let you know after a year it is still fantastic and lives up to all the hype you said it would. I recommend this product to anyone thinking about a roof coating. I have included some photos from start to finish of my camper.

SureBuilt Homes & Restoration
Vienna, Maryland

Testimomial – Folks

Folks here are the pictures as promised. What a great product all around. Very satisfied with the application ( I did put down a flash coat because I was not sure if it was EPDM or not) better safe than sorry!
I washed the unit down and let it dry overnight and then for about 4 hours the next morning just to let any dew burn off. I ordered 7 gallons which was enough for the project. The 3/8 inch roller worked out well and a 1/5 inch paintbrush for around the AC’s vents and trim work. The after pictures are the next morning about 11:30 really like the way the product self-leveled as I was rolling it out. Have to tell you my roof never looked so good. I purchased this because someone at the rv park use it last year and I got up on his roof one year later and he said he never had anymore leaks. I will be telling folks about the product and your terrific customer service. I know it is touch with Covid but every time I called in (which was a few times) either you guys answered the phone or called me back within an hour or so.