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Customer Testimonials

Here you will find a variety of testimonials from our customers some simply telling how much they like the product and others who go into detail on the application process.

Testimonial – Ron

Hello all,
I coated my 30′ RV Sunday. Everything went great! I was a little apprehensive going into it but within 5 minutes was feeling good about it.
I prepped it the day before. I purchased a total of 5 gallons. I probably could have only used the 4 gallon pails but I wanted to coat it a little heavier around an area that ponds water. Have a little left and will use it for any future touchups We were having good weather. The product skinned over in about 3 hours and it really looks great. Cannot be more pleased with the results. Used the Roof Protect cleaner you have on our site and it was fantastic it eat up all the dirt that was there for years. It took about 2 hours to coat the roof. Great product! Sincerely a new and long-term customer.

PS. I’ll let you guess which is the before picture 🤔

Testimonial – Impressed

I am impressed with the product and the way it bonded to my VERY neglected roof. It was so black and “chalky” in areas that I didn’t think any coating could possibly stick. It has stuck and bonded really well. Looks like a brand new roof. I have to say I am proud of the job at this point.

Thank you RV Roof Magic!

Testimonial – Karl W.

Received your products last Saturday. I cleaned with your product and performed exceedingly well. Put down the flash coat after. (that was the hardest of any of it, brushed on.) Sunday did the coating with 3/8th inch nap roller. Absolutely the whole process was seamless!!! Loved the fact that it did not require a primer and only needed one coat. Have to tell you, when we were looking on the internet your product looked to be the best and now after we applied it we are confident we made the right decision. You guy actually picked up the phone WOW a company that answers their phones. Thanks to Lenny for his help. I can’t wait to see how it holds up this winter,with the cold,snow,& ice.. Will let you know thanks again!

Karl W.
Albany NY

Testimonial – Mike B

Would like to thank Mike for sending his project pictures. Mike has an existing EPDM roof that needed some TLC! He first washed the roof with our RoofProtect which has a built in mildewcide to kill any living mold spores on the surface prior to the application of the RvRoofMagic.
He then caulked all the seams and vents and AC’s with our Butyl MS caulk. You want to apply the caulk first that way once the RvRoofMagic is applied the caulk it encapsulated, and you won’t have to worry about caulk being exposed to UV and ozone. He used a total of two gallons for the project.

Mike B
Columbus MS



Testimonial – Marvin S

I wish I would have found this product 5 years ago. I could’ve saved a lot of damage on my camper. Since I treated the roof I no longer sleep in a water bed😥. Also, before I found Roof Magic I had a local camper repair man that I paid $350 and all he did was to use 3 tubes of some caulking and told me I soon need a new roof $3000? 😥 Now for the first time no leaks. I have tried a bunch of products that shopLiquidRubber stuff and dicor and it never lasted more than a couple years AND I still had a leak. We have already told several people in our park who will be ordering soon from you guys. Great customer services also.

Marvin S
Ft Myers, FL

Testimonial – Aaron Y

We ordered three gallons of EPDM coating back at the start of fall to apply on our camper roof. Here’s some before/during/after photos we took. My nephew did most of the work.. We scrubbed it down with your roof protect which is fantastic we have tried other cleaners but when we scrubbed it down with your cleaner, we were shocked at the amount of dirt that was on the roof. Love the product we have coated it with other coatings over the last 12 years but nothing that had these results.

Thanks!!Aaron Y
Houston TX

Testimonial – Ben Swaller

To Rv Roof Magic, wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how impressed I was with the product. We have used other products at our repair shop but this one was so different. How nice it laid down and the fact that it self-leveled right before my eyes was just so impressive. We will be using this going forward

Thank You
Ben Swaller