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I recently finished recoating the EPDM roof on our 2000 Alpenlite 5th wheel, using RVRoofMagic and the Repair Kit for sealing around all the edges, vents and fasteners. I removed three solar panels, three vent covers and the AC cover before washing the entire roof with the cleaner/degreaser from Roof Magic. I then masked around the entire perimeter of the trailer and hung plastic sheeting to prevent any splatters of the roof coating from getting on the windows or siding of the trailer. Next, I cut in around all the openings and the edges before applying the thin flash coat. I repeated this procedure two more times for the two final coats to achieve the desired film thickness of 20 mil. The Trailer roof is 8’ x 28’ = 224 sq. ft. minus 35 sq. ft. for the vents, skylight, AC and Satellite Dish, so my total area to cover was 189 sq. ft. I used approximately 4 gallons of RV Roof Magic for a coverage of 50 sq. ft. per gallon. I used a 3/8” nap roller and applied it as thick as possible on the second and third coats.

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