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We've all heard the stories. Why pay thousands on a new roof when you get the same benefits for a fraction of the cost


RV Roof Repair Using Liquid RV Roof Sealant

RV-ROOF-MAGIC is the only RV sealant that can go over all of the following surfaces, never needs a primer and is backed by a 10-year warranty! Sealant that can go over all of the following surfaces

  1. EPDM
  2. Can be applied directly over any non-silicone, and products such as; Dicor, Kool Seal, Flex Seal, elastomerics & acrylics.
  3. Alpha rubber roof made by Fleetwood RV’s.
  4. Fiberglass
  5. Butyl rubber
  6. Hypalon rubber
  7. TPO
  8. Vinyl-adhesion test is required.
  9. Metal

If you are unsure of the type of roof you have we suggest first doing an adhesion test.

About Liquid RV Roof Magic Roof Sealant & Coatings

The Benefits: If You Decide On Any Other Product Than RvRoofMagic You Are Not Getting The Best Your RV Deserves.

  • We have invested a significant amount of time and money years ago in developing our proprietary solvent. This specially formulated drying process allows for a chemical cross-link to occur; whereby our RvRoofMagic and the surface it is applied on becomes one in the same.
  • Can be applied at any temp but required daytime temps above 50 degrees to dry waterproofs within 3 hours.
  • RvRoofMagic will not chalk unlike other coatings, and it will retain its original white color as it ages.
  • Never needs a primer!
  • Can be applied over EPDM, Metal, Fiberglass, Butyl Rubber, Alpha Roofs, TPO and roofs previously coated with other roof coatings!
  • Will NOT cause streaking down the side of your RV
  • RvRoofMagic is UV and Ozone resistant
  • Reflective white color
  • Solvent based coating to reduce cooling costs; key benefits to solvent vs water-based coating
  • Built in fungicide and mildewcide.
  • Single component product-No need for mixing additional components or measuring.
  • Waterproofs immediately (although we suggest applying three hours before any anticipated rain)
  • Provides a seamless, highly flexible and durable membrane. Once applied, your roof will appear as if someone put a single piece membrane over the roof. Never worry about seams again.
  • Product is recoatable and never needs a tear off.
  • RvRoofMagic can be painted with an acrylic paint once fully dry. It provides good adhesion and good color penetration. Wait 30 days after application before painting
* Rv Roof Magic has proven over the years to have a longer life span, higher durability and less susceptible to environmental conditions that other coatings. It is also very easy to maintain
  • One coat application
  • Apply today drive away tomorrow
  • Never a primer needed

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