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Seam tight gallon

Seam Tight - Gallon



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SeamTight is also a product we manufacturer so it is compatible with our RvRoofMagic and is an excellent filler to go around vents an air conditioners and reinforce seams so you never need to worry about them again. For seams you will push the product out along the seam and go back with a paintbrush the even it out. Then you will roll out our fabric and impregnate the fabric into the wet material using a dry paintbrush so the SeamTight is able to be absorbed into the fibers of the fabric. Let that set overnight and then apply the RvRoofMagic over the entire roof. At this point your seams are total encapsulated and you will never need to worry about your seams again!

Seam Tight effectively protects your roof against alligatoring and other damaging conditions with the SeamTight roof repair product. Designed with 400% elongation, 1000 PSI tensile strength and UV stable, The result are a strong yet flexible membrane that can withstand roof wear of all kinds on seams, fasteners, and penetrations. Any non-used product has a 3 year shelf life.


Can be use on the following roof types

  • EPDM
  • Metal Buildings and Roofs
  • Modified and BUR Roofs
  • Urethane Foam Roofs
  • Single Ply Roofs (EPDM)
  • TPO
  • Concrete

Outstanding adhesion properties for seams and around vents and AC units

EPDM Roofs


The surface must be free of any oils, moisture, rust scale, soil or other contaminants that may interfere with good adhesion. Remove any loose material from seams or other surfaces with a wire brush or scraper. Oil and grease should also be removed with solvents or an appropriate cleaner, such our RoofProtect. In many cases, high pressure water blasts will be sufficient to prepare the surface.


For best results, the temperature of the ambient air and the substrate should be within a range of 40° – 110°F. Although lower temperatures can be used for brush applications, it is recommended that the product temperature be a minimum of 70°F when pumping the product.


SeamTight can be brushed, rolled or pumped onto the surface. Apply heavy, uniform coats over fasteners, seams etc.…to ensure maximum coverage

Technical Data

Type of ResinSynthetic Rubber
Tensile Strength1000 PSI
Flash Point101°F
Specific Gravity0.94
Weight (lb./gal.)7.86
Solids(% by Vol.)53±1
VOC (grams/liter)436

*Centipoise @ 100±F


12 reviews for Seam Tight Gallon

Gene R – Rosemont NY (verified owner)

The seam tight went on great it’s pretty thick, so you definitely need a paintbrush to even it out. Glad I spoke to you guys otherwise I would have gone over everything with the rv roof magic

Michael H – Colorado Springs CO (verified owner)

Hello all this is our 2nd unit using your product. Our first did not need any seam repair but this one did. Going forward we are only using your SeamTight and your fabric. Upon inspection after the topcoat of the SeamTight dried over the embedded poly fabric there is no way those seams are ever coming undone. Sorry forgot to send you the pictures.

Charles & Tina Bender (verified owner)

So, I am following up about 7 months after application. Roof is solid no issues especially around the vents and ac’s where we used your SeamTight. Never understood why some people put a sealant and then caulk. Now that everything is protected under the rv roof magic.

George Tullan (verified owner)

I just wanted to write a little note about my experience with your company. I basically screwed up and put the seam tight over the rvroofmagic. You guys helped me and told me the I could still reinforce my seams along the seam joints. I thought I was going to have to take of all the rvroofmagic and start over. Your patience with an older gent is much appreciated. I will be telling my friends about your customer service!

Christopher D. – Dover, NH (verified owner)

Finished our 30 ft last week and wanted to wait for all to be done before I give some feedback. You said that the SeamTight was for seams, but I did not know if was for the really bad cracking that my roof experienced so I tried it. Have to tell you that product is the bomb. It really leveled out the area that was pretty rough. I think the technical term is alligatoring, but the roof looks brand new now.

Collin Ross – Rv Sales & Service (verified owner)

Hey Lenny going on our 9th unit here and the product is fantastic. We will not put your product on unless we wash it with the Roof Protect cleaner. It is better than any cleaner we have used. Also, the SeamTight product we are also now selling it at in our store. It has worked out very well for us along with the fabric it really encapsulates the seam area very nice!

Dustin Swarszeski (verified owner)

Needed to get more of your SeamTight. Ran out decided to do the entire perimeter with it. Great product better than any caulk I have used.

Isra Singh (verified owner)

Very happy with your SeamTight product we had a pouch from last year that had about half, and it was still good. Called into you folks and you said it had a three-year shelf-life. Very pleased with its performance. My seams are definitely not tearing apart after this.

Larry Stein (verified owner)

We called into your office asking if we can just do the seams because for whatever reason last year they started to really tear apart and we were getting leaks. We did reinforce all the seams and also around our vents and the ac unit with the SeamTight and it looks great. In fact it looks better that the rest of the roof so we are going to put your rvroofmagic over the entire roof. Very pleased with your product. Our neighbor at the campsite will be ordering today after he was up on our roof.

Kyle Sherman (verified owner)

Guys I will be sending in a video of how we applied your SeamTight. Could not find any videos on the site so feel free to share it. Fantastic product. Hugs the verticals and very easy to work with.

Stan Wersant Camper Restorations (verified owner)

Have not had too much luck with caulks especially the silicone caulks but our shop has used the SeamTight even if the customer does not need your RvRoofMagic and the product really has some teeth to it. Once it is down and dry its staying there and it is extremely flexible which is obviously important for Rv’s. We have a few units coming into our shop in the next two weeks so we will be needing more of the RvRoofMagic.

Al Stovick (verified owner)

Very happy with the Seam sealer you guys sell. I forgot to put the fabric on top so hopefully I can get few more years out of the seams but after the rvroofmagic went on you can’t see the seams anywhere.