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Here you will find a variety of testimonials from our customers some simply telling how much they like the product and others who go into detail on the application process.

Testimonial – Terry and Bob Z

Well we did a fair amount of research on rv roof coatings and read plenty of reviews. Although the cost of the Rv Roof Magic was more than most what we discovered that the other coatings especially the elastomerics like the liquid rubber product with the moose on the can as well as Henrys required primers and multiple coats. Not only did your product not require a primer but it was the most versatile one to choose since it goes on everything except silicone. Your customer support is terrific we called in about three times and both times you answered our questions and put our minds at ease. The application went on just like the videos showed. Not that we were so surprised after speaking with you on the phone but just looking at the site it seemed to good to be true. Love how it self-levels right before your eyes. After all was done it looks like someone just put down a 230 sq foot piece of rubber on the roof. All our seam marks are not visible and we had two very bad rain storms come in within three days of each other and the cabin is 100% dry. We will be telling our other RV friends about your product.

Terry and Bob Z.
Albuquerque NM

Testimonial – Connor P.


Attached are some pictures of my roof magic application.  The pictures included in this email are in order of prior to roof cleaner, after roof cleaner, brushed areas near skylights etc…, flash coat, then final coat. I had to send them in separate messages due to size limit in Gmail.  Quite impressed with the product.  As you can see the roof is down to the black. We took it to two RV shops and both said we needed a new roof.  Well the RV roof Magic was applied in the fall so six months ago and no leaks and no issues.  You guys saved us over $6500.00

The application was quite easy.  The harder part was taking off the old caulk off the unit.  We bought your caulk since it was also Buty so it would be compatible with your Rvroofmagic.  We already told our neighbor who already ordered guess they are just waiting for the nicer weather to apply it

Thank you!

Connor P.



Hello!  We are emailing to let you know we have posted our review of Rv Roof Magic to be entered for receiving half of our order.   Attached are our before and after pictures.  We can’t express enough about how much we like your product and will be telling all of our camping friends about it.  Thanks so much.


Testimonials – Gail W

Gail W.
Ft Myers

I used roof magic maybe 4 or 5 years ago on my van roof. It was the bane of my existence at the time.. it leaked through the seams and seemed unstoppable!! When you live in Florida obviously that’s an issue. It solved all the issues all at once! I was so incredibly impressed and still am. I did my best putting it on but I’m no pro and I could have made it a little thicker. I feel as though there are a few spots that could use a better coverage on it and I see nothing on reapplication. Does it stick to itself fine? I assume so it did such an amazing job going on the first time although it was pretty messy.. lol (more appropriately I was pretty messy) is it a problem putting a second coat over it? It has no leaks or anything Just want to be sure of anything I need to be aware of prior to planning.

Thank you in advance

Testimonial – Imen

K2 Auto Detailing
Ramona, CA

Hello everyone at RvRoofMagic. This was our first time using RV Roof Magic and we are extremely happy with the results.

Thank you!

Testimonial – Harvey D

Harvey D
Boulder Co

Wanted to send these pictures to you and thank you for your honesty and customer service. You won’t remember me, but I called into your office many times asking questions because I had tried two other products for my RV roof and neither lasted a year. One was an elastomeric and the other not sure of the name, but it had a picture of a moose on it. Well waste of money and confidence in any product. I still had a leak and did not want to spend $7,590.00 for a new roof. I called your office the first time with no intention of buying just asked some general questions about coatings in general. You took the time even thought I imagine there was a sense I was not a real customer. I did however come back after two weeks and committed to your product because of how different it was from the other coatings. I liked the fact that it only required one coat and no primer to get a warranty. The other products don’t tell you up front, but they want you to buy additional coats to get the warranty, so the price is the way over what your cost was and your was by far the better product. What also impressed me is how you explained the solvent that you use and how it does some type of cross link chemistry. That I found out as I was applying the product. The product went on very easily, Great instructions and videos on your site. I did take your advice and purchased the cleaner and very glad I did. I washed the roof a week before with dawn and thought it was clean until I washed it again with your RoofProtect and looked at how much additional dirt came off. The roof looks so nice it really looks like someone put a 225 sq ft piece of membrane on the roof. These pictures were taken about 8 months ago so I wanted to send in my comments when we had some challenging weather. Well, the winter is getting behind us and I can tell you this is the first time the roof has not leaked in years so keep doing what your are doing. I will certainly be a cheerleader for your product.

Testimonial – John S

John S
Jarbidge, NV

I used RV Roof Magic on the roof of my motorhome 2 years ago. We wanted to wait until we saw ow it held up. It sealed all the leaks, was super easy to apply and still looks like new today. The other elastomerics and the product called liquid rubber did not hold up even a year I highly recommend RV Roof Magic.

BY Motorhome Advice

Phil Rodriguez

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work on your coach roof to perform periodic maintenance or to have it repaired, you are in for a real treat. Well, not really!

MotorHome roofs are probably the most neglected component of the entire coach. If for instance your refrigerator quits working, you immediately notice the lack of cooling, and have it repaired quickly because you don’t want to be without the ability to cool food (or beer). Certainly, if your furnace or stove goes on the fritz that will be another hastily repaired item as would be any other component of your coach that you need and use that is ‘in your face’ every day.


Testimonial – Gerald Freeport ME

I have attached a few pictures of my RV roof project. I used your rvroof magic product to repair a roof on a 2019 Keystone Fuzion 429 that was damaged in a wind storm from fallen tree limbs. There were 3 tears in the membrane. Per your recommendation I used your butyl tape. I then went over the taped areas with the RvRoofMagic. It turned out great and saved me a lot of money. I got quotes for $450 To $600 to fix it. Your staff walked me through the details and have to say overall extremely happy with the customer service. Attached are the pictures.

Testimonial – Kay-bee RV Service

Ok Guys we finished and are just thrilled.  We have been in the rv repair business for enough years to know a keeper.  We have tried many difference products over the years and your Rv Roof Magic just is in a different class.  First we love the fact that its solvent based and not water based.  The ease of application and the fact that it does not require a primer.  Many of our customers come to us and tell us that they have no idea what they put on their roof.  This really is a godsent because we are saving the customer the cost of a prier and an additional pass of labor so yes we might not make as much but we are closing more business because of those cost savings to the customer.

We did use your roof protect and it was quite surprised how much additional dirt it removed after we thought we cleaned the roof enough.  So we will be stocking that also for our future jobs.  As you can see the results were fantastic.