Johnson P. From AR, USA
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RV Roof Magic

Hello guys here are some pictures of the roof as promised.  I did a fair amount of research and called several different manufacturers.  I decided on your Rv Roof Magic for two solid reasons.  First from reading your tech sheet vs others it was obvious yours was the best.  None of the others even had any ASTM data on their product so one can assume the product was not ASTM certified.  I tried Flex seal that peeled after a few months as did that Liquid rubber product with the moose on it.  Turns out after contacting them they were just regular elastomerics.  I guess that is why they needed primers and multiple coats.  The second reason is the solid support I received when I called in.  There was no sales push your staff simply educated me on the product and its benefits.  The product is simply outstanding.  A little more expensive up front but given the fact that rv roof magic does not need primer and I only had to put one coat on the roof then your product is actually less expensive than the others.  Also, I did not have spend two days putting multiple coats on the roof.

The cleaner worked very well.  I was quite surprised how much dirt it picked up off the roof. I actually washed it a week ago with Dawn and I thought it was clean, but it was far from it!