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Seam tape

Seam Tape



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TP4X50 series seam tape is ideally suited for use with our coatings. The properties ensure a true monolithic membrane which remains intact even under thermal shock conditions.


  • Reinforcement of seams, cracks and penetrations on various roofing surfaces:
    • Galvanized and painted Metal
    • Single ply roofing-EPDM
    • Concrete
    • Modified Bitumen

TP 4X50 seam tape provides good elongation and maintains its elasticity at extremely low temperatures. TP 4X50 is easy to apply. Simply line up the two adjoining areas to be sealed, with the release paper still attached, then start removing the release paper from the underside and placing the membrane close to the desired position. TP 4X50 seam tape is compatible with both solvent-based and water-based coatings.


Solid Content (ASTM D1729-69):99.8%
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-412):590 PSI
Elongation/Webbing:200% min.
Cold Temperature Flexibility:Passes
Moisture Vapor Transmission:.75 perms


TP-4X50 = 4″ x 50′

Clean up: Tools and equipment can be easily cleaned with mineral spirits.

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