Johnson P. From AR, USA
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Well we did a fair amount of research on rv roof coatings and read plenty of reviews. Although the cost of the Rv Roof Magic was more than most what we discovered that the other coatings especially the elastomerics like the liquid rubber product with the moose on the can as well as Henrys required primers and multiple coats. Not only did your product not require a primer but it was the most versatile one to choose since it goes on everything except silicone. Your customer support is terrific we called in about three times and both times you answered our questions and put our minds at ease. The application went on just like the videos showed. Not that we were so surprised after speaking with you on the phone but just looking at the site it seemed to good to be true. Love how it self-levels right before your eyes. After all was done it looks like someone just put down a 230 sq foot piece of rubber on the roof. All our seam marks are not visible and we had two very bad rain storms come in within three days of each other and the cabin is 100% dry. We will be telling our other RV friends about your product.

Terry and Bob Z.
Albuquerque NM