Johnson P. From AR, USA
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Harvey D
Boulder Co

Wanted to send these pictures to you and thank you for your honesty and customer service. You won’t remember me, but I called into your office many times asking questions because I had tried two other products for my RV roof and neither lasted a year. One was an elastomeric and the other not sure of the name, but it had a picture of a moose on it. Well waste of money and confidence in any product. I still had a leak and did not want to spend $7,590.00 for a new roof. I called your office the first time with no intention of buying just asked some general questions about coatings in general. You took the time even thought I imagine there was a sense I was not a real customer. I did however come back after two weeks and committed to your product because of how different it was from the other coatings. I liked the fact that it only required one coat and no primer to get a warranty. The other products don’t tell you up front, but they want you to buy additional coats to get the warranty, so the price is the way over what your cost was and your was by far the better product. What also impressed me is how you explained the solvent that you use and how it does some type of cross link chemistry. That I found out as I was applying the product. The product went on very easily, Great instructions and videos on your site. I did take your advice and purchased the cleaner and very glad I did. I washed the roof a week before with dawn and thought it was clean until I washed it again with your RoofProtect and looked at how much additional dirt came off. The roof looks so nice it really looks like someone put a 225 sq ft piece of membrane on the roof. These pictures were taken about 8 months ago so I wanted to send in my comments when we had some challenging weather. Well, the winter is getting behind us and I can tell you this is the first time the roof has not leaked in years so keep doing what your are doing. I will certainly be a cheerleader for your product.