Johnson P. From AR, USA
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Gail W.
Ft Myers

I used roof magic maybe 4 or 5 years ago on my van roof. It was the bane of my existence at the time.. it leaked through the seams and seemed unstoppable!! When you live in Florida obviously that’s an issue. It solved all the issues all at once! I was so incredibly impressed and still am. I did my best putting it on but I’m no pro and I could have made it a little thicker. I feel as though there are a few spots that could use a better coverage on it and I see nothing on reapplication. Does it stick to itself fine? I assume so it did such an amazing job going on the first time although it was pretty messy.. lol (more appropriately I was pretty messy) is it a problem putting a second coat over it? It has no leaks or anything Just want to be sure of anything I need to be aware of prior to planning.

Thank you in advance