RV Roof Magic Has Saved Our Customers Literally Thousands of Dollars VS Costly Roof Replacement. Extend Your Roof Another 15-18 Years With RV Roof Magic Today!

RvRoofMagic will dry at temps above 50 degrees. It can actually go below freezing at night after application but will not continue to dry until it gets above 50 again during the day. This makes it one of the best versatile products for the RV community!


Customer Testimonials

Here are some pictures my wife and I took and wanted to share with you. We were so please with rvroofmagic. The product went on very easy great advice about dividing up the roof every 6 ft that really helped in getting the 50 sq ft per gallon applied properly. We have used other coatings at our shop but none that actually chemically bonded the way that this did. I wish we knew about you guy 4 years ago you would have saved us a lot of heartache with customer coming back with cracking roof from other coatings our shop used. Well we will be ordering more in the spring for sure. We are only using this going forward. Thank Lenny for all his help. Your customer service is spectacular.

Here are some before and after pictures of the roof on my 2006 Montana 2955RL fifth wheel camper. Your Rv Roof Magic product was easy to apply and we are VERY satisfied with the outcome. The roof looks so great. I cleaned the roof the other day after having applied RV ROOF Magic back in March and just using Dawn dishwashing liquid and a medium brush, the roof came back to its bright white finish. It looks like a brand new roof just amazing.

Everyone asks me what I used and I tell them about your product. They have seen other coatings but not like this one. My roof was not in bad condition but at 14 years old, I did not want to take a chance and I definitely DID NOT want to spend over $5000.00 for a new roof or another competitors applied roof system. For the money, I believe your product was and is the best on the market.

Mike T
Richmond VA

Hello all here are some before and after pictures of application of rvroofmagic. Great product all around. Our roof looks brand new. We have had other RV’s and treated them with a coating, but hands down, we are very pleased with the product and all the technical support you guys gave us on the NUMEROUS times we called into your company.

Jenn C
Naples Florida
Hello all, attached are several before, during and after pictures. The product worked just great. I was amazed when I checked it yesterday. I put my hand on the roof and it was not hot at all. Before the application on the surface, I could not leave my hand on the roof because it was so hot.

N. Johnson
Raleigh NC
I purchased and applied RV Roof Magic about a month ago. It looks great and I am hoping it will last for some years to come. I have not had any leaks so far. One side benefit has been that the reflectiveness of the product has apparently helped in keeping my motorhome cool. For twenty years we have gone to Cape Cod in the summer and have always battled keeping the unit cool. This year I have been able to run only one air conditioner on low and keep the unit at 69- 70 degrees, parked in full sun. For a motorhome with single pane windows and is 21 years old, this is amazing. Thank you. At 37 feet, I did not use all the 5 gallons, but when I get back, I will go over some of the apparent problem areas with another coat. Thanks for the great product.

Ronkonkoma, NY

Gene R

Please see attached for some pictures. I like the clean white look. It also feels more sturdy- but that may be me. Over-all, I am excited for the long-lasting positive effects as I am confident it works.
Great product, did just what your website said it would do. Which is quite refreshing!
I will try to take some better pictures with different lighting.

Thank You!

Gene R
Rosemont NY

Another group of testimonial pictures sent in by Robert. Robert has a 32 ft which required 6 gallons. He also experienced many areas of the roof where the current caulk had failed, so he purchased 6 tubes of our Rubex caulk as well. The Rubex caulk always goes down first before the application of the liquid RV roof. The result is customers saving labor costs and material costs since many of the other systems on the market require multiple coats and provide no warranty. Stop recoating your RV after just three years with elastomerics and acrylics and get the product with the industry's leading warranty. Over a 26-year history of proven success in the marketplace. Regarding dry times, it normally takes about two days above 50 degrees for the material to develop a skin and then 7 days for a full cure. Should the temp drop below 50, you would need to add that time to the overall cure. So, for example, if it drops below 50 degrees over the next 15 hours add 15 hours, to the overall timeframe. The higher your daytime temperature gets the quicker the material will dry. If you get an unexpected shower, no need to worry. Also, in the event of that unexpected shower, the product is already waterproofed. In fact, that ponding rainwater will even start curing underwater! Easily applied with a squeegee and a roller, a 24 ft unit should take you approx. two hours to apply. During your initial cleaning of your RV, you may wish to consider adding 2 cups of bleach to kill any surface mold/mildew along with a standard detergent such as Dawn dish-washing detergent or Simple Green. You will want to be sure that any oils or fats are removed as they will cause the existing EPDM roof to swell. That swelling most of the time will go down but in some cases it will not and that is not covered under warranty.

Stewart sent in a bunch of pics on his RV project using the RV roof Magic. Stewart chose to first remove his vent and ac covers and re-caulk using our Rubex caulk, which was field tested to be compatible with RV Roof Magic. He then did all his cut in work around the perimeter of the RV as well. The next day he completed the project by covering the main areas of the roof. A total of 5 gallons was used for his 230 ft roof. As we state on our site, we suggest chalking off your roof into quadrants 6X8, When you are done filling in one of those sections, you should be done with a gallon of the material. That way you are applying it at the proper mil rate. Always be sure the surface is perfectly dry before application. For more information visit www.rvroofmagic.com