Johnson P. From AR, USA
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Hello all,
I coated my 30′ RV Sunday. Everything went great! I was a little apprehensive going into it but within 5 minutes was feeling good about it.
I prepped it the day before. I purchased a total of 5 gallons. I probably could have only used the 4 gallon pails but I wanted to coat it a little heavier around an area that ponds water. Have a little left and will use it for any future touchups We were having good weather. The product skinned over in about 3 hours and it really looks great. Cannot be more pleased with the results. Used the Roof Protect cleaner you have on our site and it was fantastic it eat up all the dirt that was there for years. It took about 2 hours to coat the roof. Great product! Sincerely a new and long-term customer.

PS. I’ll let you guess which is the before picture 🤔

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