Johnson P. From AR, USA
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So this is our 4th roof so as I said, we wanted to try this before giving any comments. I am working on more pics hopefully next week to send. We started out by giving the unit a wash with your Roof Protect, which really made the roof cleaner than we ever saw it. Great product. We had a light rain come through the next day, so we decided to give it another day to fully dry out. Next, we applied the Rubex caulk we purchased off your site. We did get a little bit more than 15 linear feet but some of the beads were very thin which might explain it. We took a line chalk and basically snapped a 50 sq. ft area 10X5 that was a good gauge for applying it at 50 sq. ft per gallon. The application took about 90 minutes with both of us working on it. Our shop has tried many products over the years and after these projects, we are very pleased with the overall results of the product.

No need to mix anything so we can take our time
Whatever we don’t use, we can shelf the can for up to 6 months (like this so we can use it on future customers)
Love the self-leveling aspect really looks like someone put a 235 sq. ft piece of rubber on his roof when we were done
Little pricey, but I guess since it only requires one coat it’s not too bad.
Does not come in a 2.5 gallon container

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