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I promised the company I would send in some comments after we have had a chance to use their product. Well after 5 years of using this product, we feel very confident talking about it. We have been in the rv repair business for the last 17 years and have tried all the elastomerics, acrylics silicone’s and everything else. First, I will review my experience with these products and then discuss the rv roof magic. The problem with most of these rv coatings is that they require primers depending on the manufacture and the roof type and most require two coats to get any warranty. Then after about 4-5 years they start to crack. Customers call us and tell us it is our fault, and we go back and forth with the blame game. Many are not compatible with certain roof types like TPO or Alpha rubber which is made by Fleetwood. Customers come to us expecting us to put the cheapest product on their roof. Fine we will do it but would never give them a warranty. Now we simply don’t take that business its just not worth the small difference in price to get a nasty customer coming back blaming the labor when it was a failure in the product.

So now for the rv roof magic. Skeptical to say the least when our company started using it but after a year we were sold. Fantastic customer service first of all which is really hard to find these days! They actually return calls. Then the fact that the product does not need a primer and only needs one coat allows us to close more business with their product. Hey, we are all for making more money! The other products that required primers and multiple coats end up costing the customer much more money Now there are additional labor costs to apply the primer and multiple coats. It would have been cheaper with the Rv roof magic from the get-go. The main reason we have committed to rvroofmagic is the simple fact that in the past five years we have never had someone call us with an issue with the product. We can’t say that about any other product we have put on a roof. If you want to put down a cheaper product and have to worry about doing it all over again in a few years by all means. We have had plenty of customers who went down that road. But if you want to be done with leaks and have a very aesthetically pleasing roof then rv roof magic is the ticket. I still owe these folks a video so once we get a good candidate in our shop we will record one and sent it out so you can post it on your site with the others.

Ben Stein
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