Johnson P. From AR, USA
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Hello guys here are some pictures of the roof as promised.  I did a fair amount of research and called several different manufacturers.  I decided on your Rv Roof Magic for two solid reasons.  First from reading your tech sheet vs others it was obvious yours was the best.  None of the others even had […]


My 2001 park model was overdue for a new roof coating.  My RV mechanic highly recommended RV Roof Magic. Did my research and compared RV Roof Magic to other roof coating products.  Hands down, the best choice seemed to be RV Roof Magic, so I ordered it.  The order was promptly delivered.  I power washed […]

Testimonial – Mike T

RV Roof Magic has got to be the easiest roof coating to install. No primer required and it goes on so easy. I purchased 5 one gallon containers to make it easier on me to do the application. This is the second time I have used RV Roof Magic and will continue to use it […]

Testimonial – Terry and Bob Z

Well we did a fair amount of research on rv roof coatings and read plenty of reviews. Although the cost of the Rv Roof Magic was more than most what we discovered that the other coatings especially the elastomerics like the liquid rubber product with the moose on the can as well as Henrys required […]

Testimonial – Connor P.

Hello! Attached are some pictures of my roof magic application.  The pictures included in this email are in order of prior to roof cleaner, after roof cleaner, brushed areas near skylights etc…, flash coat, then final coat. I had to send them in separate messages due to size limit in Gmail.  Quite impressed with the product.  […]


Hello!  We are emailing to let you know we have posted our review of Rv Roof Magic to be entered for receiving half of our order.   Attached are our before and after pictures.  We can’t express enough about how much we like your product and will be telling all of our camping friends about it.  […]

Testimonials – Gail W

Gail W.Ft Myers I used roof magic maybe 4 or 5 years ago on my van roof. It was the bane of my existence at the time.. it leaked through the seams and seemed unstoppable!! When you live in Florida obviously that’s an issue. It solved all the issues all at once! I was so […]

Testimonial – Imen

ImenK2 Auto DetailingRamona, CA Hello everyone at RvRoofMagic. This was our first time using RV Roof Magic and we are extremely happy with the results. Thank you!

Testimonial – Harvey D

Harvey DBoulder Co Wanted to send these pictures to you and thank you for your honesty and customer service. You won’t remember me, but I called into your office many times asking questions because I had tried two other products for my RV roof and neither lasted a year. One was an elastomeric and the […]

Testimonial – John S

John SJarbidge, NV I used RV Roof Magic on the roof of my motorhome 2 years ago. We wanted to wait until we saw ow it held up. It sealed all the leaks, was super easy to apply and still looks like new today. The other elastomerics and the product called liquid rubber did not […]