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RvRoofMagic automatically comes with a 5 year product replacement warranty when the below conditions are met. You can upgrade to a 10 year warranty on the order form if you choose to do so. The warranty will cover your unit when the below conditions are met.

  1. RvRoofMagic® was applied to a sound roof surface according to application instructions and resulted in a dry film thickness of approximately 20 mils. (for a 10 year warranty two coats are required)
  2. Failure was not caused by accident, fire, hurricane, tornado, or deterioration of the original construction materials.
  3. RvRoofMagic® was not applied over an asphalt coating or silicone caulk.
  4. Customer provides the original e-mailed receipt of their purchase
  5. Customer can supply some form of proof of purchase to establish an approximate date of use.
  6. RvRoofMagic was applied to an RV, Trailer or Mobile home with a structurally sound substrate
  7. The current roof must not be defective or to the point where it is disintegrating or degrading
  8. Customer has taken pictures in year 3 and year 5 of the overall condition of the roof
  9. Product was used within time in indicated
  10. Customer has not applied any other coatings over the RvRoofMagic.
  11. Customer submits a sample of the failed membrane and a description of the roof construction (i.e. metal, fiberglass, rubber, etc.) when making a warranty claim.
  12. Retail original warranty certificate and lot numbers


Warrants to you that the roof coating sold under the RVRoofMagic™”) will not leak as a result of a manufacturing defect for the period of 10 years so long as the product was installed in accordance with the applicable published application instructions and during the shelf life set forth on the product label or container. WHO IS COVERED BY THIS LIMITED WARRANTY; NON-ASSIGNABILITY You are covered by this limited warranty if (a) you are the installer of the Product. This limited warranty is NOT TRANSFERABLE OR ASSIGNABLE by contract or by operation of law, either directly or indirectly.


In the event of a failure caused by a manufacturing defect during the warranty term RVROOFMAGIC’s sole responsibility is to provide replacement product for that portion of the product that leak as a result of a manufacturing defect, and does not include shipping. Decisions as to the extent of replacement product required will be made solely by RVROOFMAGIC. The remedy under this limited warranty is available only for that portion of the product actually exhibiting manufacturing defects at the time of settlement. The replacement product, as well as any remaining product, will be warranted only for the remainder of the original warranty period. Repair or replacement of the roof or materials other than the product is NOT included. RVROOFMAGIC’s MAXIMUM LIABILITY is the original cost of the product only. NOTIFICATION OF CLAIM In order to report a claim you MUST notify RVROOFMAGIC in writing — either by email (preferred) at [email protected] or by mail to RVROOFMAGIC Warranty Claims Department, 930 Main St Bridgeport CT 06604 — and provide proof of purchase and proof of application date and lot numbers from the can within 30 days after your discovery of the leak.

If purchaser does not accept these terms of RV Roof Magic’s limited warranty, the purchaser can return the product within 7days of receipt for a full refund minus the restocking fee see details on our return authorization form. Customers choosing to keep the product past 7 days of receipt, or use of product have constitute acceptance of the limited warranty terms, conditions, and disclaimers. This limited warranty provides the purchaser’s exclusive remedy for any defect in the product.

Exclusions from coverage

This limited warranty does NOT cover leaks or other conditions caused by the following:

  1. Improper workmanship in applying the product or any other roof component
  2. Lack of roof maintenance.
  3. Unusual weather conditions or natural disasters, including, but not limited to, wind in excess of 55 miles per hour, hail, floods, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, and earthquakes.
  4. Wood application are voided from both 5 and 10 year warranties
  5. Damage due to (a) movement or cracking or other failure of the roof; (b) improper installation or failure of any materials used in any roof base or insulation or materials other than the product;(c) infiltration or condensation of moisture; (d) chemical attack on the products including, but not limited to, exposure to grease and oil; (e) use of materials that are incompatible with the product; (f) improper preparation of the substrate over which the Products are installed; or (h) architectural, engineering, or design defects or flaws.
  6. Installation of the product over cold storage or freezer conditions.
  7. Any change in the color of the Product.
  8. Conditions that prevent positive drainage or areas of roof that pond water.

Within a reasonable time after proper notification, RVROOFMAGIC will evaluate your claim and resolve it in accordance with the terms of this limited warranty. RVROOFMAGIC may require you to submit, at your expense, photographs of the reported problem and samples of your product for testing. You should retain this document as well as the proof of purchase and lot numbers from the packaging for your records in the event that you need to file a claim. EXCLUSIONS FROM COVERAGE