RV Roof Magic Has Saved Our Customers Literally Thousands of Dollars VS Costly Roof Replacement. Extend Your Roof Another 20 Years With RV Roof Magic Today!

Product can be applied at any temperature above 50F


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Rvroofmagic is the industries only product that never requires a primer, is ASTM tested and has a proprietary solvent which allows for a chemical cross-link to occur thereby chemically fusing itself to the roof. Get another 15-18 year our of your unit with RvRoofMagic.

Larry is a professional writer for the travel industry. He called us looking to highlight a RV roof coating manufacturer in an article he was writing in in three months for the RV industry. He had already review 7 other product and after reviewing our product decided to write the article about the RvRoofMagic.

Mark was proud to share with us his application of the RvRoofMagic on his Montana. He was so disappointed that the sound did not work on the entire roof but he was thrilled with the results. As you can see the application is very straightforward. What is most important is your prep work. The surface needs to be clean for any dirt or oils. That is why we suggest the Roof Protect on our website. It is far more that just a cleaner it actually emulsifies the contaminates on the roof and also has a built-in mildewcide to kill any living mild spores on the surface prior to the application of the RvroofMagic.

Sam provided some still shots before and after as well as his video of the application. His detailed discussion on his prep work is spot on! Blue painters take is preferred to any other because it is very easy to remove once the product is applied. As you can see the product will not run on a vertical. If it does you are applying it at 3 times thicker than you should.

Tom should be a professional video photographer this is one of our top 5 videos sent in by a customer. A really great step-by-step application of the RvRoofMagic. When you do purchase your brushed and rollers don’t bother getting the very expensive brands you can’t clean them just dispose of them. Remember what makes this product so successful is that it is a solvent-based coating.

Dennis shared with us a really bad RV that currently leaks. He told us before he washed the roof it was covered with pine needles and dirt and had some serious doubts that his roof could be saved. A normal EPDM roof is white but his was so bad that all the white was gone. As you can see Dennis basically has a brand new roof at a fraction of the cost of what he was quoted. A new roof would have been $7290.00 he spend just over $450.00 with the caulk, tape and repair kit.

Corey had a really bad roof that was overtaken by mold. He used Clorox although we suggest the Roof Protect on our site. It does kill mold spores but also emulsifies the contaminates and only needs one wash. Corey needed to wash his unit three times. Regardless an excellent example of proper pre work prior to the application of the RvRoofMagic.

Daryl called us and sent in some pictures of his roof and he asked if he could get a few more years if he applied the rvroofmagic. The reason we put this video on our site is that it was one of the really bad roof we have seen coated with the RvRoofMagic. So if your roof is structurally should YES RvRoofMagic will certainly give you more years of service life!

Tim gave us an update on his “AFTER” application. The main reason we put this as a feature video is that it rained on the roof 3 hours after application. We wanted customer to see how RvRoofMagic is an extremely versatile product very forgiving and this particular situation any other product that was applied would have been ruined.

Here is another submission of a really bad roof that was questionable. In fact we directed John to our YouTube channel he came to us after speaking to several Rv shops who said his roof was too far gone and a coating would never adhere. John first caulked the areas that needed our rubex caulk. Needless to say he was quite happy with the money he saved but more importantly he has a new roof