Johnson P. From AR, USA
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RV Roof Magic

Ok Guys we finished and are just thrilled.  We have been in the rv repair business for enough years to know a keeper.  We have tried many difference products over the years and your Rv Roof Magic just is in a different class.  First we love the fact that its solvent based and not water based.  The ease of application and the fact that it does not require a primer.  Many of our customers come to us and tell us that they have no idea what they put on their roof.  This really is a godsent because we are saving the customer the cost of a prier and an additional pass of labor so yes we might not make as much but we are closing more business because of those cost savings to the customer.

We did use your roof protect and it was quite surprised how much additional dirt it removed after we thought we cleaned the roof enough.  So we will be stocking that also for our future jobs.  As you can see the results were fantastic.