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What makes RV Roof Magic different

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asked Jun 22, 2017 in RV Roof Magic by admin

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A There are several product differences that have evolved over the past 15 years.  First it can be applied over any type of RV trailer or mobile home even if there is a 3rd party coating applied over the original roof.  There is a built in mildewcide to deter mold from growing on the roof and it has a very high percent of volume solids a high tensile strength making it hold up in all types of temperature extremes.  The chemistry and the curing process is really what makes this stand out. 

There is a special type of catalyst in the material and once it is applied it forces up to the surface what would otherwise be trapped air.  This is a process of chemical cross-linking where by as the product dries it will literally chemically bond itself to the substrate.  Very different that a product that simply dried on top of a surface. 

answered Jun 30, 2017 by admin
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