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Big bubbles and I flashed. Fingers crossed

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I used your cleaner 1;5 ratio. Pressure washed good. Next afternoon flash coated. Next day coated roof. I put in thick to get the amount specified used. 40’ fifth wheel. Big bubbles. I got on ladder and pressed on some and it’s like the thick liquid roof but it didn’t adhere to the flash coating. Hope it’s not like what the rv dealer said the reason they stopped coating roofs is people come back saying it blew off going down road. Also I have2 of the 8 gallons left.
asked Aug 29 in RV Roof Magic by Gillic01

1 Answer

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Hello please give our office a call so we can ask some particular questions but if you did put down the flash coat then bubbles would have surfaced for only two reasons first there was water trapped inside the epdm membrane that could not evaporate or the mail coat was put on too thick either way the bubbles will settle as the solvent escapes to the surface

thank you
answered Sep 2 by admin